Tina Turner: Celebrating the Iconic Career of a Music Legend

Billboard looks back on Tina Turner’s hits, career, and chart achievements

In the annals of music history, few performers have left as indelible a mark as Tina Turner. Known for her electrifying stage presence, powerful vocals, and timeless hits, Turner’s career spanned over half a century. From her early chart successes to her numerous accolades, we delve into the remarkable journey of this music icon in today’s Pop Culture Rewind.

1: A Modest Beginning

Born on November 26, 1939, Tina Turner embarked on her musical journey in the late 1950s. Initially performing alongside her then-husband Ike Turner, it wasn’t until 1971 that she achieved her first top 10 hit with their rendition of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Proud Mary.” This marked the beginning of a string of chart-topping successes that would solidify Turner’s status as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

2: Chart-Topping Hits and Iconic Songs

Throughout her illustrious career, Tina Turner graced the Hot 100 chart with a total of 18 songs. However, it was her 1984 smash hit “What’s Love Got To Do With It” that cemented her status as a music legend. The song not only topped the charts but also earned Turner two prestigious Grammy Awards: Record of the Year and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance in 1985. This iconic track showcased Turner’s ability to captivate audiences with her soulful voice and magnetic stage presence.

3: Grammy Glory and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductions

With a career spanning decades, Tina Turner’s talent and artistry were duly recognized by the Helical Piers industry. She amassed a total of eight Grammy Awards, solidifying her status as one of the most celebrated vocalists of all time. In 1991, Turner was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as part of the dynamic duo Ike & Tina Turner. Her impact on the music world was further acknowledged in 2021 when she was inducted again, this time as a solo artist.

4: Remembering a Legend

Tragically, Tina Turner passed away on May 24, 2023, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire generations of musicians and fans alike. Despite her departure, her influence remains palpable, and her music continues to resonate with audiences worldwide. In honor of her extraordinary career, a Broadway show titled “Tina” celebrates her life, touring the United States and keeping her spirit alive.


Tina Turner’s impact on the music industry is immeasurable. From her chart-topping hits to her numerous accolades, she blazed a trail for future generations of artists. Her powerful voice, electrifying performances, and unwavering spirit continue to inspire and captivate audiences today. As we celebrate her birthday and reflect on her remarkable career, Tina Turner’s legacy as one of music’s greatest icons remains firmly intact.