Police Collaboration Leads to Arrest of Illegal Drag Racing Organizer

Gwinnett County Police, Atlanta Police, and Dekalb County Police join forces to apprehend suspect behind criminal street racing activities.

In a remarkable display of collaboration and investigative prowess, law enforcement agencies in Gwinnett County, Atlanta, and Dekalb County recently worked together to apprehend an individual accused of organizing illegal drag racing events. The joint effort, which involved the Gwinnett County North Precinct Community Response Team, the Dekalb County Intelligence Unit, and the Atlanta Police Department Auto Crimes Unit, resulted in the successful arrest of the suspect. This article will delve into the details of the operation and shed light on the ongoing investigation.

Unraveling the Criminal Street Racing Incident

On August 20, an incident at the intersection of Northside Drive and 17th Street in northwest Atlanta sparked the initial investigation. A 911 call alerted Atlanta Police and Georgia State Patrol to a black F-150 truck performing dangerous donuts in the intersection. Prompt action by a Georgia State Trooper led to the immediate arrest of the driver. Subsequent investigations by Dekalb County Police revealed that the event was coordinated through a social media account, while Atlanta Police identified 20-year-old Jhostin Alexander Bardales of Buford as the organizer.

Collaborative Investigation and Warrant Execution

Upon uncovering the extent of the criminal street racing group’s activities, Atlanta Police discovered that the racers were directed to nine different intersections on the night in question. These intersections spanned four locations in Gwinnett County, four in Dekalb County, and one in Atlanta. Recognizing the need for a joint effort, the three jurisdictions collaborated to investigate the incident further.

On November 20, at approximately 8 a.m., officers from the Gwinnett County North Precinct Community Response Team, with support from the Dekalb County Intelligence Unit and the Atlanta Police Department Auto Crimes Unit, executed a search warrant targeting Jhostin Alexander Bardales. The warrant was issued as part of the ongoing investigation into the illegal drag racing activities.

Apprehension and Charges

Thanks to the coordinated efforts of the three law enforcement agencies, Jhostin Alexander Bardales was successfully apprehended and booked into the Gwinnett County Jail. He now faces multiple counts of Promotion or Organization of Exhibition of Illegal Drag Racing, with the possibility of additional charges from other jurisdictions pending.

Conclusion: The collaboration between Gwinnett County Police, Atlanta Police, and Dekalb County Police in apprehending the suspect behind the illegal drag racing activities showcases the effectiveness of joint efforts in combating criminal behavior. This successful operation not only highlights the dedication and professionalism of law enforcement officers but also serves as a reminder of the importance of cooperation between different agencies. As investigations continue and charges are pursued, the arrest of Jhostin Alexander Bardales sends a strong message that illegal drag racing will not be tolerated in the community.